Coach Sean McDonald


Sean and Spring McDonald are the owners of Jump Start. Sean’s background is snowboarding, starting in 7th grade, 1991 in Boise Idaho, when it was a new sport.

A few years ago Sean was volunteer coaching several different age groups, and he saw that they all needed help, from little kids to high school level, with fundamentals. The idea came to teach basketball skill lessons modeled after gymnastics or karate. He spent a year brainstorming the idea and working on the curriculum with Coach Cody (former Boise State basketball player). We opened March 2018 with wonderful support from our amazing community.

Spring (Sean’s wife & business partner) has a wicked Reggie Miller two handed free throw. She mostly stays off the court and keeps everything organized and running smooth.

Sean teaches the youngest class, the 4-5 year old class, and fills in for coaches when needed.


Sean: "Skills are the great equalizer in basketball, otherwise the bigger, faster and stronger athlete will always have an advantage. There are too many examples at every level of the game where a smaller more skilled player beats a bigger more athletic player. And like a jazz musician, once you learn all the notes/skills, then you can improvise to make the best music. We want to lay the foundation for each student to be a contributor on their team and develop a passion for the game in the process!"
Spring: "If you can learn to win humbly, lose with grace, and never give up, then basketball can prepare you for all the great and wonderful obstacles in life."