Coach Chapman Tagg


  • Coach Chapman Tagg comes from the DC metro area, where he played basketball for Tuscarora High School. His college playing days were spent with the Rexburg United Vikings, a club team that competes in the NJCAA and NWAC. He started at PG for the Vikings for two years, before taking over as head coach. He leads the Vikings all time in assists and free throw percentage.
  • Coach Chapman and his wife Brandie have a 2 year old son, and are wrapping up degrees at BYU-Idaho. Basketball is very important to Coach Chapman, and he is very grateful that his wife lets him play so much.


"I think that Basketball is the most beautiful game in the world. It deserves to be played with respect. I believe in a pass first approach to get everyone on the floor involved in the action. To me, that’s when the most winning (and fun) happens. Every player boasts different strengths, and basketball is a forum to display those strengths."