Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jump Start Sports Academy?

We are a private owned business passionate about youth basketball!
We have two buildings on our property
FOX HOLE: Our small gym, built March 2018. Half court gym with shooting machine. Used primarily for private lessons
MAC CENTER: Our new full court gym, built November 2020 with 6 hoops. NBA regulation court (previously owned by Santa Cruz Warriors)
CLASSES: Weekly skill lessons for kids / teens ages 4-18: $45 / month
PRIVATE LESSONS: 1 hour private lessons with coach weekly: $110 for 4 lessons
LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS: Leagues and tournaments during the year for different age groups. Follow our social media accounts to hear about the next one (Facebook & Instagram).
RENTAL: Rent the gym for practice, games or activities:
$35 / hour half gym (3 hoops)
$70 / hour full gym (6 hoops)

Where is the building located?

4141 E 645 N Rigby ID, 83442
1 exit north of Rigby, right off the freeway (lorenzo-menan exit) Tamarack Business Park which is connected to Yellowstone HWY.

How far away is the facility from me?

Idaho falls (20 miles)
Rigby proper (5 miles)
Ririe (12 miles)
Rexburg (8 miles)
Menan (7 miles)
Sugar city (13 miles)
St Anthony (20 miles)

My player has never been on a basketball team or played organized ball, would he/she fit into the program at JUMP START?

Jump Start offers basketball instruction at all levels. If your player wants to learn all the modern basketball moves or just needs the fundamentals, this is the right academy. Many students want to get into organized ball but are behind their peers, this is the best program in the area to bridge the gap!

What is the monthly tuition?

Monthly tuition is $45.
Includes 50 minutes lesson, once a week, or $80 for twice a week lessons.
Toddler classes (age 4-5) during the day is $35 / month.
Open Gym: If currently in classes, Open Gym is only $20 extra each month.
If not in classes, and would only like to participate in Open gym, it is $30 / month.
Payment due by the 10th of each month.
Private lessons $110 for 4 lessons. Each lesson is 1 hour long.

Who are the instructors?

Our goal is to always hire current or former college basketball players to instruct at Jump Start. See main page for list of instructors and read about them.

Is there a contract to participate in the program?

No contract! Just month to month. Some students stay in for several months, and take a break during soccer season / football season, etc. Others have been in class for years. We do have a 12 week cycle, with 12 unique lessons learned each week, and a skills challenge at the end of the 12 weeks to individually test and reward each student on their hard work. We encourage students to complete the 12 weeks. We will roll each student on to the next month's roll unless you notify us. If taking a break, or taking your student out, please notify us by the last week of the previous month so we can staff the classes correctly.

Are there any discounts with multiple players(siblings) signing up under the same household?

YES, $5 discount for each additional sibling. Example: Smith family has three children in the program, $45 for first child, $40 for second, and $40 for the third.

What if my player(s) miss their class during the month? Is there a make-up class?

Yes, Jump Start has several classes during the week in each age group and if your student misses his/her class we have another available to make up or each student can double up classes the following week.

Does my player need to bring a basketball?

Jump start will have basketballs for each student but a recommended ball should be purchased when your student begins classes to practice effectively at home.

Does my player need to bring a water bottle?

YES! Our new gym does not have a drinking fountain. Please bring a labeled water bottle and remember to take it home after class. We have gathered quite a collection of water bottles in our lost and found.

What attire should my player come to class in?

Students need to have basketball shoes and athletic attire (shorts and shirt) for class.
Running shoes, street shoes, or any foam based shoe are poor shoe performance for basketball but also potentially harm the basketball floor installed at Jump Start. Please wear regular shoes into the building, and then change into basketball shoes in the waiting room. This helps protect the player's shoes and also our floor.

My player has a medical condition but with (Parental/legal guardian)consent can he/she participate in the program with minimal accommodation?

Talk to a Jump Start representative on each student case, but generally any student that has a minor medical challenge that DOES NOT affect the other participants ability to be instructed should be accommodated in the current program.
Examples: diabetic, glasses etc.

Do parents need to stay and watch during the lessons?

Parents are encouraged and welcomed to drop off their student for the hour to be supervised the entire time by a Jump Start Instructor.

Is there a waiting area if parent/guardian needs to stay during the class?

Yes, there are bleachers in the large gym to sit and watch, and a waiting room in the small gym with a window to watch private lessons.

Can my player store personal belongings during class period? (duffle bag/extra clothes/phone etc)

Students will have cubbies for their non basketball shoes/coat etc. However, because there are no lockers, students are encouraged to place valuables at home or with parents to prevent lost or stolen items.

Does Jump Start insure each player?

Students are required to have their own health insurance and are required to sign a medical waiver before participating in classes similar with any other sporting activity in the community.