If you want to get your son or daughter into basketball but they are behind their peers or just want to get better year round and have fun, Jump Start is the right place for them!

Right off the freeway one exit north of Rigby

Jump Start Sports Academy is a properly zoned and insured fundamental basketball skills school for boys and girls, grade preschool-12th grade.

50 min training classes with talented basketball coaches from our community.

We also offer private lessons, and have tournaments and leagues during the year for different age groups.

The Classes:

Each class starts with kicking tunes to get our players in the mood to focus and have a good time!
Typical Schedule:

Open Gym:

We have several Open Gym classes. These are organized scrimmage with coaches turning into the refs to call fouls and keep the game moving. Two 60 ft courts, lots of reps for the students. This has become very successful, the kids have loved implementing the new skills they have learned in open gym with a referee blowing the whistle and instructing during game speed.